Does your club do radio sports?

There are a few club members that are into radio sports or contesting. There are some who enjoy special events. Ex. worked all states, POTA, catching special events for military boats, lighthouses, or trying to get overseas contacts as well.

Our club has a POTA event once a month. POTA (Portable On The Air) at a local park here in Midwest City, setup and make contacts. It is also an opportunity to visit outside of club meetings.

We participate in Field Day, the last weekend of June and Winter Field Day, the last weekend in January. We set up at the "Tear Drop" at Regional Park just south of the dog park.

Does your club do public service?

Yes, our club does. The first of the month, we monitor the storm sirens for the City of Midwest City, we check the physical, the rotation, and sound of the device. We in turn report back to the City Manager and the Communications Director. We also provide eyes and ear for the Tribute To Liberty event on the Fourth of July and stage the entries for the Veterans Day parade. Now we have club members who volunteer in other events around the metro, our main one is the Memorial Marathon in April. That is a rewarding event to be involved with.

Our club is also on standby as a storm spotter or to provide emergency radio communications to the City or Oklahoma County.

Can you help with RFI/Interference Problems?

As our lives become filled with technology, the likelihood of electronic interference increases.  Every lamp dimmer, garage door opener or other new technical “toy” contributes to the electrical noise around us.  Many of these devices also “listen” to that growing noise and may react unpredictably to their electronic neighbors, including Amateur Radio transmitters.

Sooner or later, nearly every active Amateur Radio operator will have a problem with interference.  This could involve interference to a neighbor's equipment, or, more likely, some form of interference to Amateur Radio from the noisy devices that can sometimes even be found in our own homes.  The good news is that most cases of interference can be cured!  The proper use of “diplomacy” skills to communicate with a neighbor and standard technical cures will usually solve the problem.

The Mid-Del Amature Radio Club has several members that are skilled in the art of Radio Direction Finding and can help locate sources of interference.

If you are experiencing problems related to Radio Frequency Interference email RFI@W5MWC.ORG

Does your club work with Digital Modes/Radios?

Yes, FT8, JT65, Packet, APRS, Morse code, we have members that are actively involved in all of these and more.  We also have members that are involved with digital radios including DMR and C4FM.  Our primary club repeater on 444.000MHz can be used in FM or C4FM.

Does your club have licensing exams?

Yes. We offer VE testing session each month. We do offer classes, average twice a year. While in class the normal testing sessions will be offered after the class. So please keep an eye on our Events page and Facebook page for specific dates.